Video Interview: SEAK on Streetart/Graffiti/ UrbanArt

IMG_0451.JPG Streetart/urbanart Interview SEAK/ Universitätsprojekt

Today I was invited to an Interview about my Work and Views abot contempoary Streetart/ Graffiti/ Sprayer, etc etc. My host were Students of a University Project here in Cologne.

All in German language, which puts up the Question, how about soemthing Online in English?!? hmm..

Anyway, we had a really Interaction, talking although local Antigraffiti politics, the art market,back in the days, aswell as lots of pretty sharp meta Communication. If Clips are online I will Post it here.

eingeladen: Wandbild auf dem Universitäts Campus von San Diego


SEAK Piece (Schriftzug “Seak”) @ the campus of the University of San Diego, California

in front of my painting in san diego