NEW: This SEAK painting goes on Thursday to a new Owner / Kunstbetrieb in Köln bei SEAK

Sell your cleverness and buy bewildermentThis Canvas. Fine Art from the Streets/ from SEAK`s Studio wil be in the Hands of its new Owner by Friday.

And If you although are interested in getting/ having/buying/ to purchase an Original by SEAK?!? There is no Pricelist, fixed prices, or a Catalog, and very painting by SEAK is totally individual. You could curate and box his works into series by Context, Time, Format, flavour. Every Canvas and Piece of Art by SEAK is purley 100% Individually. You come to Cologne (Köln) in Germany, and you can have whats here.

The Artist`s Price Politic: So Ive you learned to play it financially on the downlow cause Life teached you when it comes to buying to keep a more lower Profile to get extra affordable suiting prices, feel free toi think again. You always reap what you saw. Meaning: You are gentle and charming Generously. We are gentle & charming Generously. Thats the Language we Speak & this is how SEAK paints his Art. We treat everyone equal. Call it Fine Art, Graffiti, Writing, Tags, Contemporary Fine Art, The Arts, Kunst, Aersosol Art, Graffiti-Art, zeitgenössische Kunst, Low Brow, Malerei, The New, the Next, the It. You can Name it what you want.