SEAK about the current global cheeky cocaine 8ball Pi witt in society

Contemporary art, society, & entertainment are boring with there constant subliminal cocaine 8ball “Pi” 30 something cut % purity pseudo sophistication underthe radar Elitist taste assuming game in there products, ads, pieces, witt, talk bla to death! Stop it! Let me tell you in my time when we were doing it activly. We didn’t gave a shit about those codes. Those are just codes for the masses, to make trap for fools. True power is stashed up to the roof with that stuff and giving it to there wealthy Friends for fun, or as a power shit Test. So ist bores! Please come Up with a New Lit Trend “we are so sophisticated” Code Word to Demonstrate you are Getting it. Iam bored for this season already. NO MORE “P” Lease! Thank you. Go back to yy,LL, lo, co, K, Ka, el, Jay, c,cc, jay, ladylike, or lilo, or come Up with something that makes sense.