Breakbeat Magazine: SEAk Interview

Seak, in Breakbeat Magazine, 2001

NRW is with no doubt one of the hotspots in the European graffiti scene, it is also the home base of the well known CNS crew ( that includes of some of the most brilliant writers such as ATEONE, NECK, MORITZ, MERIC, EFAS, french artists SCIEN & Miss KLOR and last but not least SEAK. Especially Seak who has a style of his own has made himself a name in the recent years.

From the outside his pieces seem to resemble organic machinery, living space objects or cyber organism, but Seak says that there is more to his style. According to him his future style is based on a movement that has a strong aim at the fundaments of graffiti, that is the living being and the genuine nature of letters. But let us start off where it all began.

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