SEAK: spraypainting the new Thalys train live @ Gard Du Nord Paris

SEAK@Thalys: painting it live in the gard du nord station

at cologne centralstation: This Baby is mine, soon!!

4 bad ass all out european super duper graff kings.

the proud, the few. I feel like I`m in Highlander.

Meeting with the Crew, the Client and my artist colleagues,

Team Meeting with Thalys, the Artists, and the involved agency´s in Brussels

Graffiti fine Art meets Thalys @ gare du nord paris

Its All about Speed! Highspeed! Hochgeschwindigkeit!!! Speeeeding!!

On Tuesday 15. September i will spraypaint with 3 although pretty infamous graffiti/streetart colleagues the although infamous Thalys train, the Queen of European Trains!!

Where: on a red carpet in 3hours and 15 Minutes in the middle of gard du Nord Station in Paris.

who: me/ SEAK (cologne/ germany), Jonone (paris), Sozy (bxl), and Zedz (Amsterdam/the netherlands)

what: 4 notorius European Graffiti and Urbanart Kings keeping it unreal, and blessing the Thalys Train with Fine Graffiti Art

Why: Cause we wanna go fast!! abit more then 3hours. thats the new time the Thalys needs from Paris to Köln (Cologne).

The Event is for Press and a few invited vips only.

Interested Bloggers, Journalists, and Press Heads who wann feature our Art Stunt feel free to mail me thru or

for more infos/press event/ thalys train tickets to paris/ etc… it has to go fast.

deadline for a  accreditation is end/middle of this week.

Peace and Piece! see you all in Paris