Does renowned streetart artists getting recommended alot & painting pictures on walls & canvases?


SEAK started in the Area arround Köln (cologne), Düsseldorf, Bonn as emerging selfmade & selftaught Artist to paint & Ulitize the Public Space on Walls in 1989. With this, his very unique Style, here painted on a Stationary Wagon in East Los Angeles, the German contemporary fine Artist SEAK opened up & liberated the conservative Graffiti Movement in the mid 1990`s with his innovative, visionary & back then for a lot of Oldschool Writers progressive new Style & Technique SEAK inspiried a new unique technically High Standard Mainstream Movement of new young Artists allaround the World. SEAK where invited over the  last 20 Years to paint, exhibit, chill & collaborate in more than 30 Countrys and more then 120  Citys with the local Top Artists in the Graffiti, Urban – Streetart Community & Art World. Including fellow respected & legendary Artists Friends like Vulcan, Retna, Risky, Shepard Fairy ( Obey), Banksy, Eine, Pure Evil, Daim, Seen, Ron English, Juergen Becker, Aitiem, Hoehner, Timo Maas, Peeta, Saber, Zedz, Revok, Mr. Cartoon, Alexone, Smash, Siggi von Koeding, Dare, Heiko Zahlmann, Jon One, Os Gemeos….,and many more.  SEAK recently focused to work again more on canvas in his Studio in Köln (cologne) in Germany. Working on free selfmotivated paintings aswell as taking custom commissions painting projects for clients allaround the world. SEAK is used to get asked by luxurious and wealthy Ultra Net Worth Millionaires, aswell as regular  people on the Street for his Artistic Involvement and Talent. SEAK gets recommend to thirds a lot, by well informed and History concious Art, Streetart, Urbanart, Malerei, Graffiti, HipHop & Kunst Friends, here in Germany & Worldwide. He sells his new paintings in his own Gallery & Showroom House in Köln (cologne ) o request in private viewings to interested Buyers & serious Art Friends.


Künstler Kollegen aus New York zu Besuch

Die Wand vorbereiten am Karnevals Sonntag.Writer collegs from Nyc on visit in cologneWriter collegs from Nyc on visit in cologneWriter collegs from Nyc on visit in cologneWriter collegs from Nyc on visit in cologneWriter collegs from Nyc on visit in cologne

Über Karneval hatte ich Graffitisprüher aus New York zu Besuch.

Geplant war spontan ein gemeinsames Wandbild umzusetzen.

Als das Wetter sich dann verschlechterte und die Jungs sich vom Kölner Rosenmontagszugs erholt hatten, improvierten wir einfach in dem wir gemeinsam das Mural was ich mit einem Künstlerkollegen aus Sao Paulo 2002 hier gemacht hatte ausbesserten und weiterfortsetzten.

latley more and more artist friends and collegs are anouncing them self for a short “paint over weekend” as it seems. this time i had some graffiti writers from new york of carnival here.
the odd weather and the crazy street carnival couldnt stop us from painting at least something together.
i still regret not having a little tag wall in the studio or my guestroom, from everyone who has stood, chilled, painted here with me, missed cantwo, os gemeos, daim (mirko reisser), codeak (daniel mann),Henning Krautmacher von den Hoehnern, Herbert Baglione aus Sao paulo, Heiko zahlmann (daddy cool) und stohead (Christoph Hässler) aus hamburg, David Kamerer (CEMNOZ), Helge Steinmann (Bomber), duesseldorf`s fume, von der kelly family, Till westwood, Henning Krautmacher, Frank Schnuettgen, dyset, neck cns, efais, moritz, scien and klor cns/ 123klan, wow 123, dash from perth, vania from montepellier, loomit (matthias koehler), robots will kill, seemsoe aus dortmund, sula /tnb/tats, how and nosm von der tats crew, tilt,ceet, toast (ata), satone, besok (daniel doebner),Seen (richie), tony curanaj (sub), ecb/hendrik, phenc/ remco van de craats, kilo from england, shok1, skore, liese, dos crew, wik,……….pardon and remind me ive forgot someone. well what ive basically wanted to say, looks like those times are coming back.