neues Geschenkpaket von Nike: für Subkulturelle Verdienste


the first time i became hooked into the whole Sneaker thing was thru the CoCurator of a Show i had in Portland Oregon. Someone in the Nike Headquarter thought SEAK would might like some brand new dunk low supreme`s. (really really rare, and super comfortable!!)

i think it was a year later when weve met here in Cologne thru a friend and ex graffiti writer the head guys of nike europe in Hilversum. a few meetings later the plan was to get a signature shoe.
well the show project never really became realized. But Nike didnt wanted to let me go either, being kinda friends now. In good company now with eisfeld, sido, harris, several very good artist friends of mine, oliver korritke, and other german hipsters: Please welcome the sneaker flatrate/crazy secret vip mansion partys/ invites to berlin!!