10 mighty artist rules on how to sucessfully sell art by SEAK ( 10 How to)

The 10 Rules on how to sell successfully art directly to buyers by SEAK

Showroom von SEAK Südlich Kölns(Photo: Gemälde (Sprühdose, Stifte, Acyrl) SEAK in seiner Atelier Galerie Südlich Kölns )

1. Rule: Find the strategic best vs. what is good for the personal development?

Make your significant masterpieces the ones youve learned & grown on the most, and that they are youre biggest & most expenisve paintings. True wealth will only go for the best & outstanding ones. They might ask you for the paintings you don`t wanna sell. Show them only when you only know they can afford it. First class people hire first class people. second class people hire third class people. Let them explain you the reasons why they love a painting, and what reasons are there for them to buy this particular one. The masterpieces are your premium artworks, thats what the big collectors are pretending to look for cause it will deepen there art collection. They might although aim for it, cause they got hopes that it will be good investment. You should inspire them to buy for the cause on love & affection for the painting itself instead greed. Paintings have a powerful way changing its viewers. You might have to explain this to your art buyers. They might be living more by numbers and classic business, being lesser connected with there concious feelings. Its good to open them, and there mind for your art, conceptually and practically.

2. Rule: Upperclass, rich, wealthy, luxurios & buying directly in the studio

Make smaller sliced down, sharpend & simplified easy awesome versions from your masterpieces in itself logical closed series for non wealthy but rich looking buyers. They wanna collect in a system they are used to from classic gallerys. Someone who can buy porsche or two in cash, or spends  10 Grand on liquor & blow on one weekend can easly can handle choice. Someone who isnt in this this position needs stay on the tiptoes abit reaching for your collectable serial gear to that what you offer is super rare. People will only be able give you the value they have for them selfs to you max. So for those you outgunned with your large more exclusive body of work you have to make a little show and have really nice stuff in there financial leaque. Its all a fun game.

( Photo: angefragte Papier 3D Style Buchstaben Arbeit von SEAK mit dem Wunsch Wort “Caspar” (Kunst))

3. Rule: Something different for each artfriend, buyer, fan, Investor, you name it

Have works & pieces on paper for those who can’t afford a canvas as a proper financially entry & sidestep. When fans recognize you are already too developed with your prices on paintings, its good to have something sexy on paper. You can although realise there wishes on paper till you are booked out on canvas. The next more grounded enterance level are serigraphie signed and numberd silkscreen editions. All collectable original goods who can gain value for your collectors. Bulid a layercake on original artwork. Display and store your artpieces, artwork, paintings, sculptures and works on paper in a way that people easly can understand the different styles, layers, prices. Think like a shop with products. Only that your gear is the most exclusive Luxury on the Planet. Art!

(Photo: So schön kann SEAK auf Leinwand sein. Alles Sprühdose, Acyrl, Stifte & Öl)

4. Advice: Know the art game, your game & behave royal to attract elite behavior

Make the masterpieces the paintings, you won’t sell at all, and if you sell them, than only for a super high price. (one more zero) Sell the masterpieces to loyal art buyers who have proven you to bring you more and powerful new art clients. Be prepared. Have an agreement with the people who buy your works that they give you the opportunity to rebuy your paintings, and paper works back in case they don`t have it in the future anymore. You deserve this right as the artist. It gives you the chance to nurture your brand. You where the one who gave them the opportunity & chance to aquire your wonderful work. You could have sold it easly to someone else. So the least they can do is, to have to give you the chance to first buy your work back. You should integrate into the written agreement that you have enough time to find new collector for the individual painting.

(Photo: Eines der besten Werke von SEAK das blau weisse “Ich” von SEAK. Gesprüht, gemalt & gezeichnet. Die “Ich / “Wir” Werke sind seine neue Meisterklasse)

5. Tip: Work with your collectors instead on just selling them your art.

You can sell your premium painting stuff to anyone, so make them family when they have proven their loyalty & Interest in you with gained pieces. People who are interested in your work will come move mountains to come to you. Make them come again in always having new interesting works on display & in your backroom. Relax with the terms “art”, “graffiti”, “streetart”, “fine art”, “kunst”, “malerei”, “illustration”, “oilpainting”, “works”, “gemaelde”, “artwork”. People with real fiancially power and taste can see & identify for them self if something got quality, or even outstanding quality. It will help to explain them your work abit. Find out the reasons why & what they love on your art.

(Selbstportrait Bildnis von SEAK auf Papier. Eine echte Befreiung in Acyrl & Kugelschreiber)

6. Law: Be playfully, authentic & take yourself lightly.

For your buyers, buying art is a playfully luxurious looking fun expierence wirh there play & pocket money. So have fun, keep your lifestyle simple, stay on the ground, and keep your spirit especially when the for you “big money” is rolling in. For them its just game. Make sure your paintings are in the foreground. Art is pure Luxury & Highstatus. Its about your art, there feelings. You & them will recognize in split seconds which painting they like. Think, speak with enthusiasm & true natural confidence. Make them come to you. Be prepared that they might try to create doubt in you to commit to a gallery, and thats its only then an investment. reframe this maneuvers with knowledge you gained here in this postings & seak´s website. Know your Price & value. give you a high value, and you will succeed. Don´t show people too much work. Some you should offer them to choose a painting for them. This is a positive signal that they trust you and are ready to commit to yo, relieving themselfs from the stress to choose. Be fast.

( Collage des Kunst Alltags von SEAK in Köln. Bilder, Werke, Wände, Wandbilder malen, sprühen & verkaufen an Sammler, Fans, Unterstützer & Freunde seiner Kunst )

7. Rule: Build up a clever diversified oeuvre on paintings.

Make them collect you & all your different works. You will be as an artist creating different collections on paintings, pieces, paper, series, sculptures. Inspire your buyers to collect on different levels. Be awesome. Get inspired by brands while being authentic. Structure your collection. The reasons why people do something is more important than what people do.

Wenn du einfach das machst was du liebst wird es dich automatisch zu dem führen was du möchtest.( Photo: Bildauswahl einer ganz besonders authentische Malerei Position von SEAK. Hier zeigt sich die besondere vielschichtigkeit seiner Kunst.)

8. Rule: A Warning! Cocaine, wealthy Art clients, artcollector & you the free artist! 

Be witty an fun on cracking decent jokes about coke culture and its qualitys when necessary in conversation to show your distinguished society horizon, but keep your own nose clean. Otherwise it will cause you years on focus, and challenge your real goals. Be liberal when your buyers & collector friends are lit up. We all have your vices and that is just fine. Keep this one out of your life, for it will distract you from your work, and your artbuyers will loose respect in the longrun. Accept only money for your work as payment. You can only serve one major godly feeling in the universe and that is your love partay on creating your art. They are other & for you in the long run more energy efficient & natural ways on building rapport & friendship connection with your buying artcollectors. A good way is to act believeably blind or to mention a heartfailure from personal consume years to avoid galantly offers by your peers. You have to stay independent doesnt matter how deeply you connected in your hood. The collectors who are doing it alone on the toilet distinguishedly descretly are the ones who buying your work. The ones who are offering are the sharks who try to lay you on a chain where they make you dependent on them in no time. When your collectors are back in there life you are on your own. Stay free!!!

(Photo: Der welbekannte Künstler SEAK Frühjahr 2013 in seiner Atelier Galerie in Köln)

9. Rule: Understand society & the social class who buy your artwork & paintings!

Hangout, chill and make friends with bankers, brokers, entrepreneurs, privatiers, millionaires, royalty old established  aswell as new money. Learn what is important for them in art, in the process on collecting art, and the aquistion on art. Learn how the human nature being thinks, loves, feels, and behave when rich & wealthy without judging. Understand there Perspective. When you are passionate & focused in your art you will soon reach the same financial status as your artbuyers. Learn from them, your are on same income level as the 7 closest friends arround you by statistic. Beaware that new money only looks like money and is mostly interested in just showing there new status publicly, so rethink about if art is already there momentary status toy. Think like the Vietcong. An army lives by its land! Be aware that you as the artist are the catch and the living status symbol so act like it. The ones showing themselfs with you in public will gain than even without even buying massive amount on social value in there circles. Make them earn it substancialy. Class & oldmoney will understand this, and will support galantly. People with test you early how you behave yourself reagrding this. be wise, straight forward & honest. people with money and without established interlectual culture will have to by the culture in art form to get integrated in new older money circles, while people who come from money got the cultural interlectual horzion by education and childhood to understand and grow on art. Use this to your advantage.

(Photo: Eine neue von den 3 grossen “Ich” Leinwand Werken die gerade erhältlich sind.)

10. Rule: Go bigger! For you exclusive, is not necessary for your buyers exclusive

Offer for promising art investment and interesting buyers only big or expensive luxurious paintings. Strategic & wealthy buyers buy alot of times one time, and then they wait for 10years to see how you develop on the market with your prices. You create your market arround you. Give them only the chance to by the great stuff. They will love you for this. Curate them thru your whole body of work incase they wanna build up a position. This means, they want from all your painting periods relevant works in there art collection portfolio.

We hope you could learn something from SEAK, what he sharing here right now with you. May the Force be with you. Focus, love, do, suceed & celebrate success, have fun. At the End of the day you can still paint it directly on the wall. Everyone should be able to handle & finance this.


Ergebnisse, Kindererlebnisse, Spielsachen, Spielzeug, Kunst, Graffiti, Streetart, Artcologne, Köln & SEAK


SEAK Internationaler Graffiti Superheld, Colognes Finest, Geniales Künstler Genie, bestens natürlich gelaunt vor ein paar Stunden in seinem Kölner Atelier. Ladys always remember that blowjobs are like flowers for men! / Ladys immer daran denken das Blowjobs wie Blumen für Männer sind. :-) Nein kein Blow & auch kein Blow Job! Einfach nur bestens gelaunt der Meister Künstler!

Und hier mal ein von SEAK gespraytes Werk im Süden von Köln. SEAK hat das Wanbild auf die Hausfassade eines individualistischen Kölner Päärchens Anfang der 2000er Jahre gesprüht. Das Werk ist eine Mischung von gemalt & gesprüht, ein echtes Kunstwerk was den Alltag bereichert. Photos von diesem SEAK Style sind in den letzten Jahren in unzähligen Kunst & Szene Magazinen, Kunstbüchern, Graffiti & Streetart Blogs gelandet. Wäre mal witzig zu wissen wie so ein Werk bei Passanten ankommt? Ist das für den Oberflächlichen Betrachter eher gesprüht, besprüht, gesprayt, besprayt, gemalt, gepinselt & gebrusht? Ist das jetzt ein Schriftbild, ein Wandbild, Kunst am Bau, Exterior Design, neue deutsche Malerei, Contemporary Fine Art? Geben sie uns einen Wink in welcher Kategorie sie diese Wandarbeit von SEAK abspeichern würden?!

Winning is a habit. We rise lifting others. (Photo: “A R T” ( from the “jungle kitchen cattle cook dea testkit hotcake” series) inks & oil on heavy archival hahnemühle paper) by SEAK )

Für die Freunde neuer deutscher Malerei hier mal eine Nahaufnahme von SEAK`s aktuellen Mega Gemälde! Deutsche Kunst 2013 YEAH Grossartig!!!!!!!! Einzigartig!!! Grande!!!!! Wer hätte Gedacht das es so kraftvolle & authentische Bilder in Köln gibt?!? Made in Germany Digger!!! Epic! Eine Ode an die Freude! Den malerischen Text von Beethovens “Oh du schöner Götterfunken” 1 and 1 übertragen auf dieses gesprühte & gemalte Meisterwerk in Sprühdose, Öl, Acryl & Tinte. Danke SEAK für diesen Klopper neuer deutscher Malerei!! Schade das es ihn nur einmal gibt.

SEAK about spring & art: “Iam so Happy that this Winter is finally fucking over! Painted today for a few very awesome hours here on my masterpiece wallpainting. Guided by curiousity creating something new, with the only expectation to love the easy freely subconcious artistic entheos flow state, expressing lightly joy & fun” Ansage Deluxe!  Auf dem Bild sehen sie einen kleinen Teil der Fassade die SEAK hier im Kölner Raum gerade in ein Kunstwerk verwandelt. Ob das jetzt ein Märchenschloss wird, eine Fundgrube für Schätze, oder der schönste Ort der Welt mit den besten Bildern, den genialsten Styles in der besten Qualität?!?!?

Was macht Künstler, bzw neben Kunst eigentlich noch glücklich?!? An die schönen Dinge in der Kindheit denken?!? Zum Beispiel das Spielzeug was man hatte?!? Playstation Playmobil Lego Playbig Barbie Smurfs G.I. Joe Matchbox Master of the Universe Hot Wheels Starwars Briobahn Transformers Kubrick Märklin Fallerbahn Tim & Struppi Gaston Marsupulami Adele Fix&Foxi Yps LustigeTaschenbücher Asterix&Obelix Dragonmodels Superman Spiderman Toystory Xbox Gameboy C64 Amiga500 Piratenschiff Knallplättchen Chinaböller Briefmarken Tkkg5FreundeBibiBlocksbergKassetten Porsche Mercedes Comics?!? SEAK hat jedenfalls noch alle sein Spielzeug von früher. Für ihn ist malen, sprayen, Kunst schaffen wie mit Spielsachen spielen. Fedes Fachgeschäft & die Buchhandlung mit den anspruchsvollen Comics im Drehregal den ganzen Tag!

SEAK hat sogar gestern im Künstler Atelier zufällig noch eine von den zwei Kanonen von seinem Kinder Playmobil Piratenschiff gefunden. Eine schöne Art eine Beziehung mit Kunst, Bildern, Leinwänden, Wandbildern bzw Gemälden anzufangen, ist es sich wie Spielsachen vorzustellen die man als Kind hatte. Wie man die Hörspiel Kassetten gesammelt hat, beziehungsweise sich immer seine Starwars Sachen angeguckt hat. Malen, Sprühen & Kunst ist wie Spielen & Spielsachen für SEAK

Und hier mal ein Photo vom “Masterplan”. Das Gemälde ist 2002 entstanden. Diese qualitativ hochwertige frühe Arbeit von SEAK hat Schlüsselwerk Potential & befinden sich zur Zeit wieder in Köln.

SEAK`s rechte Hand nach dem gestrigen Outdoor Mal & Spray Tag an der Wand. Im Hintergrund leuchtet schon ganz distinguiert die frische neue Kunst. Wahnsinn wie Kunst das Leben verändern kann, sobald man andere Bilder & Frequenzen ins Universum sendet. Ja natürlich Status & Investition, das Handelsblatt schrieb diese Woche Kunst ist das neue Gold, was Wertanlagen angeht. Stimmt! Leider unterschätzen Zahlenmenschen, Banker & Investitions Sammler oft die Karma Wirkung von Kunst. Wie Kunst sie selber verändert. Wie die Bilder sie emporschwingen können, vielleicht sogar herrausfordern, optimieren, ihre Gefühle und ihr Schicksal beeinflussen. Passieren tut es sowieso. Die Frage ist, ist der eigene Horizont so bewusst weit aufgestellt um dies zu realisieren & erkennen. Ergebnisse zählen & das man sich fantastisch fühlt.


Die ersten neuen sind da! / The first new ones are here!

Die ersten neuen sind da! The first new ones are here!

Die ersten neuen sind da! The first new ones are here!

Vergiss Hoffnung! Spannender als Neugier! Erhebender als Schubi! Die neuen ersten Dramatischen Ego Booster Leinwände hängen gerade aus & warten auf dich.

Private Viewing Termine für Seriöse Käufer.

Die neuen Bilder sind da! / The new paintings are here!

Die neuen Bilder sind da! / The new paintings are here!

Forget Soap! Smirk about Hope! Beyond Soda! The first New Dramatic Powering Ego Booster Canvases are ready for investing. Private View only. Karma Waves Luxe Private Viewing for Serious Inquiries only


Passion! Ich bin wie Du! The Winner takes it all!

Kunst: Fokussiere dich darrauf was du geben kannst, nicht was du bekommen kannst!Auch in der Kunst gilt: Fokussiere dich darrauf was du geben kannst, nicht was du bekommen kannst! Und dann gebe mit Leidenschaft, Passion und Begeisterung!

Art: Focus on what you can give, and not what you can get!” And then give with Love, Passion & Excitement!

Street-Art/ Urban-ArtMural Painting by Retna and SEAK in Los Angeles CaliforniaRetna & SEAK Spraypainted Wall Painting Mural. Downtown Los Angeles on the Roof of a Bank Tower Building

“Don`t tell me that the Sky is the Limit when there are Footprints on the Moon.”

Ich bin genau wie Du! (SEAK: Kunst, Street-Art, Graffiti, Urban-Art, Köln, Malerei)Ich bin genau wie Du. / I`m exactly like you!

(Thanks to Holger Eilhard for the Awesome Photo Close Up Shot of this SEAK Painting!)

Masterpieces! Leinwände! Kunstwerke! Bilder! FineArt! Art! The Winner takes it allThe Less you Care the Happier you will be!

The Winner takes it all!

(Thx to Holger Eilhard for Beautiful Photo)

SEAK Private Art Gallery Showroom South of Cologne /  SEAK`s Galerie Kunst Räume Südlich von Köln.

Angefrage eigenen Namen stylen: Vom Original für ein Original.

den eigenen Namen von SEAK auf Leinwand

Name styled by SEAK on canvasHerzlichen Glückwunsch!!

Verkauft und Gut

Verkauft an befreundetes weitsichtiges SEAK Sammler Pärchen mit Geschmack/ Acquired by expierenced Collecting Friends

oder/ or

Der Weg des von den Käufern in der Produzentengalerie des Künstlers ausgewählten Bildes bis Nachhause in die eigenen vier Wände.

Sold/Verkauft: Ich bin LiebeVerkauft/ Sold Title: “Ich bin Liebe” by SEAK 2011, Sprühtechnik, Acryl, Marker, Pinsel, Öl, auf Baumwolle. (Dicker Museumskeilrahmen)

 Inspiration für alle frisch Verliebten. Alle Liebenden, Alle die sich wieder Selbst Lieben, alle die das Rezept für eine Glückliche Balance im Leben interpretiert sehen wollen. Bitte teilt und Liked es, wenn ihr das Bild fühlt.

Verkauft an ein befreundetes Sammler Pärchen. Weitsichtig Clever aus den neuen Arbeiten hier im Showroom in Köln das persönlich beste herrausgesucht & ausgewählt.  Karma Kompass SEAK Deluxe. Die Kunst zu Leben.

Noch in SEAK`s Atelier, auf dem Weg in ein neues HeimNoch in SEAK`s Kölner Atelier, verpackt. Gleich geht es zu den neuen Eignern. / Still in SEAK`s Studio in Cologne. Soon on its way to the new Owners.

Angekommen! Der neue SEAK wird endlich ausgepackt.Bei SEAK Sammlerinnen & Sammlern zu Hause. Kunst Kunst Kunst Der neue SEAK ist endlich da, Hurra! Vorfreude, Erwartung, Spannung. Inside, At Home with SEAK Collectors. Arte Arte Art! The new SEAK Canvas is finally here. Hurray. Anticipation, Joy, Pleasure. Soon. Yeess

YEAAH!!Eine frühe SEAK Arbeit aus den frühen 2000er Jahren. Sinnliche Sammler entwicklen sich.


ist/ is


SEAK Close. Come and Get it. SEAK Nah, Komm und hols dir.

We Love Bubble Wrap.We Love Bubble Wrap

Hängung beim Sammler Paar! Ehrenplatz am Eingang

Vorort bei den neuen Eignern. Hängung der neuen SEAK Leinwand im Eingangsbereich. Ehrenplatz direkt wenn man reinkommt. Klasse. Viel Spass damit! / At the Spot with new Owners. Hanging of the new SEAK Canvas directly at the Main Entrance, in its new Home. Best Place in the whole House. Thanks. Enjoy it!passtStössje Freunde! Wein ist das neue Grass. Wir hatten einen tollen Abend. / Cheers Mate! Wine is the new Weed. We had a lovely Evening.:-)Die SEAK: “Ich bin Liebe” Leinwand, endlich in ihrem neuen erstklassigen Heim.

The SEAK: “Iam Hear Love” Canvas finally in its new superfresh Home.

genial & spannend: Wir sind ebenso

“Et Läuf”, “Das Läuft”, “Wenn et eymol Läuft dann läuft et”, Wat Läuft”, ” Läuft”, “Läuff, ( Oben, Winning , Swagger, Up) by SEAK 2010/2011

Sprüh Enamel, Kreide, Nitro Kombi, Lack, Bleistift, Acrl, und Öl in Mischtechnik/ mixedmedia auf Baumwolle.
2010/ Anfang 2011
SEAK`s Showroom (Produzentengalerie) Südlich von Köln
Termine nach Vereinbarung/ Dates by Appointment

Und sonst?! Wie isset?! et muss ?!?……. “Willste mir ene Brat Eis verkaufen oder watt?!  Et läuf do Doll! Han stramm zo donn. Schlechten Menschen jeyt et doch immer jod! Un selbst?!? Simmer Glücklisch?!?

Close Up SEAK: ( Nahaufnahme Detail aus der SEAK Leiwand: “Des Kaisers neue Kleider”/ Close up Detail of “The Emperors new Cloth” by SEAK)

IF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ‘em up with worn-out tools:

Vorwärts (Forward) by SEAK on canvas (Leinwand) “Vorwärts” (forward) by SEAK on canvas (Leinwand), Mixed media, 2010
SEAK`s Showroom (Produzentengalerie) Südlich von Köln
Termine nach Vereinbarung/ Dates by Appointment

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

occupied by SEAK on canvas (“Occupied” by SEAK on Canvas, 2011, spray enamel, acyrl, pencil, marker, oil on cotton)

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
‘ Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch,
if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!

(Rudyard Kipling)

The best feeling Canvas by SEAK(“The best feeling ive ever had/ have” by SEAK, Mischtechnik/Mixedmedia Canvas (Leinwand))
SEAK`s Showroom (Produzentengalerie) Südlich von Köln
Termine nach Vereinbarung/ Dates by Appointment

Wir freuen uns wenn ihr kommt/ We are Happy when you come.


Kunst ist Wertvoll.

SEAKinside SEAK`s Studio/ in SEAK`s Atelier

SEAK Close SEAK auf Leinwand 2011/ SEAK on Canvas 2011

SEAKgezeichnet SEAK/ signed SEAK



My WhySEAK: Mein Warum…ist?!/ SEAK: My Why…is?! SEAK auf Leinwand 2011/ SEAK on Canvas 2011

Traditional SEAK Style on Canvas 2011SEAK auf Leinwand 2011/ SEAK on Canvas 2011

my paintings areSEAK signiert sein Werk. / SEAK is signing his Work

Danke! :-) Mehr gibt es in SEAK`s geheimen Showroom im Kölner Umland./ You get more in SEAK`s Secret Showroom in the Area arround Köln (Cologne).

eingeworfen & besprochen: Danke (Thanks) Arbeit von SEAK

Neu: Danke (Thanks)

Danke ( Thanks)  Öl & Lack gemischt 210cm x 40cm x 6,5cm by SEAK 2011

Neu: Danke (Thanks) Neu: Danke (Thanks)