Sprühdosen Hersteller widmet SEAK eigenen Farbton.


The Spraycan/spraypaint Producer Belton Molotow is for the Graffiti/Urban/street art scene, what Apple Macintosh for the Computer and Graphicdesign World.
Needless to say that i was super happy when they honoured my achievements in/for the graffiti/urban art scene in dedicating me a colour in there Premium Product. The Story behind Seak´s “futuregreen” is that my first serious recognised Series of futuristic Style Pieces where based on the same green tone. Just back then where the colours back then super watery, and it was really difficult to paint properly.
in way its similar to Samuel Colt in the 1850ies. “god created the human, and Samuel COlut made them all equal. glady technique is not everything these days and style and originality are still first.

Spraypaint Mural: Am Rosenmontag Nach HongKong eingeflogen worden

seak_hongkong.jpgseak illegal daytime in hongkong, china