Does renowned streetart artists getting recommended alot & painting pictures on walls & canvases?


SEAK started in the Area arround Köln (cologne), Düsseldorf, Bonn as emerging selfmade & selftaught Artist to paint & Ulitize the Public Space on Walls in 1989. With this, his very unique Style, here painted on a Stationary Wagon in East Los Angeles, the German contemporary fine Artist SEAK opened up & liberated the conservative Graffiti Movement in the mid 1990`s with his innovative, visionary & back then for a lot of Oldschool Writers progressive new Style & Technique SEAK inspiried a new unique technically High Standard Mainstream Movement of new young Artists allaround the World. SEAK where invited over the  last 20 Years to paint, exhibit, chill & collaborate in more than 30 Countrys and more then 120  Citys with the local Top Artists in the Graffiti, Urban – Streetart Community & Art World. Including fellow respected & legendary Artists Friends like Vulcan, Retna, Risky, Shepard Fairy ( Obey), Banksy, Eine, Pure Evil, Daim, Seen, Ron English, Juergen Becker, Aitiem, Hoehner, Timo Maas, Peeta, Saber, Zedz, Revok, Mr. Cartoon, Alexone, Smash, Siggi von Koeding, Dare, Heiko Zahlmann, Jon One, Os Gemeos….,and many more.  SEAK recently focused to work again more on canvas in his Studio in Köln (cologne) in Germany. Working on free selfmotivated paintings aswell as taking custom commissions painting projects for clients allaround the world. SEAK is used to get asked by luxurious and wealthy Ultra Net Worth Millionaires, aswell as regular  people on the Street for his Artistic Involvement and Talent. SEAK gets recommend to thirds a lot, by well informed and History concious Art, Streetart, Urbanart, Malerei, Graffiti, HipHop & Kunst Friends, here in Germany & Worldwide. He sells his new paintings in his own Gallery & Showroom House in Köln (cologne ) o request in private viewings to interested Buyers & serious Art Friends.


SEAKing the first Collage of our Thalys Wholetrain? Enjoy!!

in a bit more then 3 hours

Jonone`s Coach to the left of SEAK, Sozy, and Zedz

Zedz Coach, right to Sozy`s, SEAK`s and Jonone`s Sozy`s coach left to SEAK and Zedz Thalys SEAK coach (the Bar Waggon)

Jonone`s Coach to the left of SEAK, Sozy, and ZedzThalys SEAK coach (the Bar Waggon)Sozy`s coach left to SEAK and ZedzZedz Coach, right to Sozy`s, SEAK`s and Jonone`s

The Thalys Wholetrain by Jonone, SEAK, Sozy, and Zedz. I promise to post more info here soon.

Upfront already a Big Thank you to all the Bloggers, Photographers, and the People at Thalys for the support.

One Love



SEAK: Painting the Thalys @ Gare du Nord Station, Paris

almost before the start

almost 14.000 visitors here on my website on one day, and 8000 on my flickr account. nice.

The Worldpress was there. I will get a full press coverage beginning of 2010 of the whole project.

The people of Thalys and there partner agencys in germany, france, belgium and the netherlands where fun to work with. Thanks although to Boris Breuer for these great Photos here. Aswell as Big Thank you to SIlvia, Andre, Bjoern which came with me to Paris for support.

action first details on this piece still calm lines smile!! in the first hour the lower bow of my working on the  Letter the upper part of my und da oben noch Pommes Rotweiss itunes is my homeboy anchor men cnn again hier noch und da noch it feels gooood ultimate canvas in good old painting trance a line here, a line there, MANO A MANO focus focus listening tooo....... :-) OG Press Veterans in combat in good old painting trance MANO A MANO OG Press Veterans in combat varnishing my waggon with clearcoat we`re having a party Kölner Stadtanzeiger & Radio Köln i am fucking starving did we missed the catering? keeping it gänsehaut ein durch und durch schmutziger miles away Iam Hungry again! reppin Mr. Cartoon it was us with them xmas truce 2009 we are family international highrollers Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne, Paris la honda SEAK Zedz and Jonone, Sozy is missing catch me if you can SEAK representing Cologne/germany ive painted the Bar Waggon SEAK x Köln x Thalys Painted in 3.15 Hours, incl varnish in a bit more then 3 hours

SEAK representing Cologne/germany

I combined the letters of my artist name “Seak” with the my birth and hometown “Köln” (cologne).

Using the offical colours of cologne (red and white and a bit of blackand orange) aswell a few local visuall traditions and heritage like the 11 blacks flames represent the 11 virgins which rescued cologne in very early medieval times from the huns, the three crowns, the top parts of the “Kölner Dom” (cathedral), etc, etc, etc…

The fact that ive painted the bar waggon makes perfectly sense with the party, carnival and highlife image cologne has in the world.

Seak-9355.jpg Seak-9353.jpg take a good look love is in the air flow skys the limit the man in the mirror spraycans & itunes allday a bit more then 3hours to paint @ gare du nord paris weil ich paris nun mal so mag doing it doing it doing it well tomorrow for you über die schulter the arms of cologne yeah yeah, but can he fight?!? on the red carpet frühstück in paris nah am Herzen operieren t2b in the mist comfortzone working the Thalys step by step die decke fällt uns auf den kopf painting a babylon boy on its knees defining space still defining mainly red well well well well well getting interviewed by CNN

OG Press Veterans in combat

cnn, zdf, kölnerstadtanzeiger, el pais, reuters, wdr, getty images,……………….. OG press veterans!

I fucking love how serious the all watch and look on this pic´s. feels like being in Vietnam during the Ted Offensive.

keeping it gänsehaut

Putting the establishment the horns on, or maybe the Graffiti movement, and then what is graffiti and street art. Just a thinking channel, defined by others. feel free to research this website to feel my interpretation.

YES YES YES. Endorphines, dopamin, all in. mum can you see me, iam on Tv.

spraycans & itunes allday

I know iam sexy bastard on this photo. perfect web 2.0 profile pic. I think i will use it for facebook.

Thalys SEAK coach (the Bar Waggon)

The SEAK Thalys Bar Waggon. Life is Beach!

CNN and SEAK spontan schlagfertig sein./ being witty and funny quick interview jetzt is alles bestens spannend daddy graffiti fast fast fast daddy graffiti fast fast fast wingmen style live from gare du nord paris upperplayground deluxe organizing the colours immer wichtig unterwegs Jonone and SEAK. Chit chat before the storm jetzt gehts los, jetzt gehts los, jetzt gehts los da simmer dabei dosen schütteln um druck in den Sprühdosen aufbauen yyeeeesss vor vorfreude platzen me being happy Gare du Nord x Thalys x XXXX almost before the start preparing the markers in control na geht doch. ....... pure Kapitän auf Brücke die Ruhe vor dem Sturm tools of choice the young sean connery. Seak-9082.jpg Seak-9079.jpg Seak-9076.jpg Seak-9075.jpg Seak-9074.jpg

first picture of the Thalys action here.  have to get some sleep. more images and the whole story in a few hours here!


SEAK: spraypainting the new Thalys train live @ Gard Du Nord Paris

SEAK@Thalys: painting it live in the gard du nord station

at cologne centralstation: This Baby is mine, soon!!

4 bad ass all out european super duper graff kings.

the proud, the few. I feel like I`m in Highlander.

Meeting with the Crew, the Client and my artist colleagues,

Team Meeting with Thalys, the Artists, and the involved agency´s in Brussels

Graffiti fine Art meets Thalys @ gare du nord paris

Its All about Speed! Highspeed! Hochgeschwindigkeit!!! Speeeeding!!

On Tuesday 15. September i will spraypaint with 3 although pretty infamous graffiti/streetart colleagues the although infamous Thalys train, the Queen of European Trains!!

Where: on a red carpet in 3hours and 15 Minutes in the middle of gard du Nord Station in Paris.

who: me/ SEAK (cologne/ germany), Jonone (paris), Sozy (bxl), and Zedz (Amsterdam/the netherlands)

what: 4 notorius European Graffiti and Urbanart Kings keeping it unreal, and blessing the Thalys Train with Fine Graffiti Art

Why: Cause we wanna go fast!! abit more then 3hours. thats the new time the Thalys needs from Paris to Köln (Cologne).

The Event is for Press and a few invited vips only.

Interested Bloggers, Journalists, and Press Heads who wann feature our Art Stunt feel free to mail me thru or

for more infos/press event/ thalys train tickets to paris/ etc… it has to go fast.

deadline for a  accreditation is end/middle of this week.

Peace and Piece! see you all in Paris