Sprühen vor Lebensfreude: SEAK bringt es auf den Punkt.

and there will be us and Facebook  everywhere

Über den Dächern von Köln: addicted to facebook, while painting.

What makes my life intersting is the mix of different challenges and comfortzones. Painting on canvases and walls, devolopping new ideas on paper, invites and travels to other citys and countrys, and everynow and then comes in a request for a larger outdoor wallpainting.

in a way its all about this here

roundabout SEAK:  Bubbels, Boobels, Balls, Bälle, Bläschen, Ballons Kugeln, Rounds, Runden, Rundungen,..

Analyzing myself and reflecting my actions and thinking became more and more importnat to me over the last years. So iam going back to my beginning, my motivations, to learn from the past. To make a longstory short. I will work more with round shapes in the future. Its all about sharpening your profile, learning and growing.

Some Men just wanna watch the Wolrd burn.

painting, creating, learning, growing: Its the good Life

Healthy work out. my daily routine now, for quite sometime, till i will do the details on this project with a skylift.

this is my rifle, there are many like it, but this...

my comfortzone: this is my beach. This or in front of a canvas

Iphone x facebook x painting outside: pure pleasure and very addictive in this mix.

the next 2 weeks  his will be my comfort zone


Facebook Statusmeldungen posten zwischen dem Sprühdosen wechseln.

Optimale Bedingungen zum Arbeiten.

Aktuelle Bilder von meinem Projekt im Westen Kölns.

Wer sich auf das konzentriert was ihm Gut tut gestaltet sich eindeutig die angenehmere Realität.

much more here soon….