I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!

Art only! SEAK Only! I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!

Art only! SEAK Only! I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!

((When Mitt Met Paul: “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”
(Arianne Huffington / Huffington Post))

Questions only?! Nur Fragen?! (First German than in English)

Es muss Spass machen! Ich muss es nicht verstehen! Ich muss es geil finden! Das reicht! Funktioniert Kapitalismus für dich? Liebst du deine Stadt? Was glaubst wie viel Spiegel verträgt die Gesellschaft? Fragst du dich auch ob es die Frage ist was die Frage ist?! Pflegst du einen unabhängigen selbstbestimmten Lebensstil?! Interpretierst du Tradition Neu?! Ist deine Familie ein Segen oder ein Fluch?! Glaubst du auch das du Hungrig und Verrückt bleiben must wie Steve Jobs, oder siehst du es wie Lapo Elkann Agnelli und  tauschst ganz clever das Foolish gegen Neugierde aus.

Do you Think Like Superman, when you Love the Style and Flavour of a new Painting?! Or do you just like and is blessed with the ability to afford it easly?! God Duplicates?

Does Money Matters, or is it just a lightfooted thing to purchase New Expierences?!

Do you come from Old Money, or from Young Money?! Family Tradition or Selfmade with still Wishes?!? Or are you inbetween and reaching humble for the Top? Are you on Top of your Game or are you Chilling Luxe, Directing and Balling?

Is Life about finding yourself or creating yourself? Should you Shout or Whisper when you love a Painting?! Does Full Focus has Power although in creating a Piece of Art?! How to appear to too perfect? Is Dale Carnegie your Thing, Rober Green or are you flirting with Machiavelli? Is in Art (Graffiti, Art, Painting, PopArt, StreetArt, Urban Art, Art Art, Contemporary Painting) the Secret to always do what you don´t want to do? As a Painter, Manager, Banker, Internet Billionaire, a Leader, Go Getter, Brocker, Ceo, Entrepreneur, is it better to Elminate Activity for Productivity when you wann reach a Goal inspired?!

SEAK: Fine Artist, Graffiti Sprayer, contemporary Painter, Kölner, Köln Fan, Künstler,

SEAK chilling in his Studio in Köln (Cologne / Germany) in front a finished Classic Masterpiece.

Do You build People up?! Do you have a Vision larger then yourself? Do you Care? Do you keep your Word? Do you have certainty within You? Do you wann meet the deeper Needs in People, or are you just go for there Desires? Is your Quest to Serve?! Do you Live what you Preach?

Do you became Successful because youve learnend to make quick descisions more often?!? In the Paintings, Artwork, Images, Creative Ideas you buy, purchase, hire, or commssion, do you live out your history, Mirror your Reality or your Imagination?! Do you believe you have to get it right, or do you believe you have to just get it going?!? Do you ask yourself when you purchase, buy, Artwork, a Painting, a Graffiti Mural, a Streetart Mural, a Piece of Art,  a Lamborghini, a Mega Yacht, a Glashütte, a Patek, or a Ferrari: What is the next Level?!? Are you in it to win it?! When you see a Canvas by an Artist, or a Wall spraypainted by a Graffiti Artist or Streetartist, or Canvas done by contemporary Painter and you feel inspired: Do you Absorb what is useful, and discard what is not, and what would you add to it if it was yours?!? When you have wealth and all the Informations you need, do you believe that in the 2 Words “Go Higher” is a lot of Power?!  Or do you stay like the Rapper Lil Wayne on the Ground like money is Automatic. But what is when you blessed-cursed with a Family Clan Tradition?! Is it your Job to change the World or is it your Job to straighten out your own Life?!? Or is your System solid established and you straighten your Life on the Next Level?!: Mega Yachts, Seductive Homie Style Brazilian Escort Trannys & Sexy Liberal Loving Delicious Trophy Wives on the Owners Deck. Naval Ettiquette on the Sea, loaded with dashing Electric Blue. Fast Forward Idees! Is it Time for something next Level, something with a Twist?!? Something to Boost your Egos?! Beauty of Expierencing in a Custom Made World?!? Is Quai des Etats-unis your Daily Daily and its Time something Easy and New?!?

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change! ;-)

Is Art Truth driven by Outcome, Growing & free Spirited of Serving! Boosting Pimping Your Ego & Life! Inspire & get Inspired! Have Energy!! Attract & Drive!!

(Thx to Sridhar Ranganath (Sam) for the Portrait Photo)