SEAK loves to power your ego & spirit.

>> Patience photos in the next Days << This Contemporary art statement will soon be ready. A painting only for truely confident people who smile at the inner & outer criticism sparks with there natural success habits. For those who are long above situational supervisual motivational speechs & prep talk. This art & graffiti burner, when be finished in all its glory ( oil, spraypaint, acyrl, chalk, ink & X) is for those with a deep winning selfimage only. This Baby/ Masterpiece will seperates the man from the boys. Aspect the best. Ive you wanna own this one, feel free meet seak in cologne germany ( his studio & private gallery buying rooms are in Huerth) on eye to eye level with a gentle comrady relaxed casual attitude. We respectfully ask you to have your euro budget ready to see, as a social proof, that be both value our time. Aquistion from Non Art, just Creative Luxury Appreciating new buying friends is very appreciated. Please keep in mind that his masterpiece will be mainly in russian language, with included english wordplays. It will be soon ready and finished. SEAK is painting with full focused dedication highly detailed on this powerful One time only toy. Think Lamborghinis “Ecoiste” only 10 Times better.