Leinwand/canvas: Die Freiheit der Jäger und Sammler.

freiheit here i come.............

Freiheit (freedom) auf Leinwand ( Lack/ Marker/Stifte/Kugelschreiber) (c) SEAK 2009

the first letter on of two “e”s  in Freiheit. ;-)

Die Freiheit glücklicher Jäger und Sammler.Die Freiheit glücklicher Jäger und Sammler.

The freedom of Hunting and collecting.


High Resolution Style of painting. Here the Letter “S”

solid bricks

bricks x freedom

Freedom on canvas

The Word “Freiheit” in English “Freedom, for a collector. Ive you want a Canvas like this here call your own, you have come to cologne (koeln.germany)


Touch it, think it, feel it, taste it, paint it, sign it, wrap it, get it.

I love the harsh contrast between the painting and the raw signature tag.

bubbles and brick on its way

bye bye my Love. On its way to a new Home. enjoy!!

Freiheit auf Leinwand

Freiheit x Freedom by SEAK on canvas