Ideas & strategies how to get art from an artist without budget?

So you are interested in the artwork an artist is painting. You like, love & appreciate his paintings?!

( Photo: Painting Collection Room 3 @ the Artiist`s SEAK private Studiogallery in Köln.: Kunst Malerei Graffiti Status-Symbole Luxus Unikate Schlüssel bzw Frühwerke?!? )

Great go get your Budget & purchase the best pieces you can get from your favourite Star Talent Artist! In case you got the gut feeling the works & pieces you wanna have are not in your financial leaque?!

( Photo: A  painting direction the artist SEAK have is modern, space, technical, 3d. An Elite innovative Fine Art approach on art, graffiti, and kunst )

There is still a chance to get an original without spending money you don`t have. Get creative! Think bigger! Here are the Top Ten advices how to get to the get what you want. The Expierences SEAK is what he is describing here are ways which he experienced in the past. Enjoy, just do it & succeed

( Photo: an expensive & exclusive SEAK painting on canvas. The  artwork is hanging in his studio gallery in cologne germany. international oldschool established streetart, graffiti & contemporary art at its very finest. Teuer!!!)

1.Step: Bring your favourite Artist new buying fans & clients.

Recommend your favourite artist to possible much more wealthy people to get his work for themselfs. Take those new possible artowners, friends, people by the hand and explain them with the same active passion & enthusiasm you have for your favourite artist why they must have an original him. Fascinate them to start investing into your favourite artist in aquiring much larger paintings & works you art first thought for yourself to have! Make sure in a lightly and confident way that the artist recons that the new buyers who aquired his art came because on your recommendation..

( Photo: Gallery Art at the Galerie. Top Talent SEAK is showing his work & art in his own Gallery at his Studio in cologne (koeln). He is belongs to the most famous & best artists in the Graffiti & Street Art Scene worldwide. )

2. Step: Make friends with the artist after your measurable support onwards him speaks for itself. Artist meet a lot of people, and they heart enough dumb jokes that people want some for free. Or  they meet already bazillion people who euphory promised this or that, or wanna offer advices and talk as way to later get  a painting. You are better than those talkers. Build up a step by step supportive friendship with artist based  in giving him defined sales, just like the one just happend because of you.. Inspire more people to invest into your artist. She or He will come up with at some point with an gentle offer to hook you up with art as a thank you, and will respect you for your none bullshit sticking out of the  others approach.

( Photo: Art, Graffiti, Graffiti-Art & Streetart mit Internationalen Anspruch. SEAK`s Kunst & seine Bilder sind teuer. Bilder Kaufen?!? )

3. Step: Think bigger, keep giving, your new artist friend might just tested you ive you stay.

Make sure to stay, and keep your supportive frequency towards him going on, bringing him new collctors. Unless he or she is already impressed by the great new sales, and the new collectors developped from this with your support and he although overwhelmed you with an fantastic original as a thank you for all the hook ups, stay and keep giving. Your favourite artist propably has already seen a few “new friends” in his carreer who disappeared/vanished magically after they had there “thank you” original artwork for a favour. So your artist homie might just give a little in the beginning back, and once you stay and give more, his ways on keep on giving something back will grow.

4. The Insider Joker!: Artworks, paintings you dont get as a regular client or collector.