Rückblick: SEAK kurz vor seiner 2. grossen Bilder Schaffensphase

In 2009 Frank Schnütgen aka Hans Solo, former BMX World Chamgion, and First Generation Oldschool Rap Legend, Frontman of the Crossover Band “Äi-Tiem” came to my Studio here at the Southside of  Cologne to  Interview me for Video Porject he started. We talked about the SEAK Way of painting, my Style, the Philosophy, explaining the SEAK letters, the structures, going a bit into the depht. Feel free to share it with your friends and Network. Its in german language.

Shortly after this Interview ive started my second big highly productive paint period which consits till today. In 2010 i basiclly where on the level of working except a few requested wallpainting job on canvases 24/7/365

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realisiert/Cover Design: Äi-Tiem x Limburger str x Köln


Cover Design for the infamous Oldschool Crossover Rap Crew “Aie-Tiem”


one of many press articles about this mural. The wall itself is loacted downtown cologne (Köln) @ Limburgerstr