SEAK:Shenzhen Tagger Satellite Series on paper (21pieces +1)

showroom in china

click_clack_my_hoes_sez21.JPG12.september_unlocked_sez16public.JPGspider_pig_does_what_it_wants_sez19_public.JPGwomen_on_top_sez11public.JPGSignatur, Seak`s erster Papier Serie IMG_6578.jpg

this paper series is my latest full edition of available original artwork, this time on paper.
still playing with the thought of realising it although one time on canvas, but i kinda like the contrast of raw and brutal fatcap spraycan strokes on a fragil and sensibel media like paper.

Somewhere in between post graffiti and street art, i would consider it urban art. those satellites are a further abstraction of my small “a”. yes that crazy turned arround dildoish looking microphone, is a Letter/logo. some of the paper original are in hongkong and shenzhen still available, some of them are still in London. After my show at the biennale in Shenzhen ive followed an invite by infamous london street artist pure evil, who teamed up with Robin Banksy`s ex Wingman “Eine” (himself a true london innercity vandal legend) to put down a major show of the contempoary Uk street/urban art who is who. thanks for flying me in charly.