SEAK Interview/feature in Mexicos Rayarte Magazine

SEAK featured in Mexcio`s Rayarte Magazine

SEAK featured in Mexcio`s Rayarte Magazine SEAK featured in Mexcio`s Rayarte Magazine

In Auttum 2007 SEAK was booked to Allios Festival in Mexico, alongside l Artistsfriends like Mac crew, Og Abel, Saber, Scribe, Chaz, and Mexico`s very finest Tekpatl crew.

Rayarte Magazine Did an Interview with SEAK about his Expierence Guadalajara Mexico, and his Opnions about the local Urban Art Scene. Here you can read the English Translation of the Interview:

1. At what age did you begin to graffiti?

With time recon it when i was 10 years old, that was in 1984,
first time tagged in 1989 in a Suburb of my Birthtown COLOGNE

2. What defines your style of painting?

To be unique and honest, to serch for inspiration outside of the community, to be organic, and three dimensional. To reflect my personality, to make my weak parts to my advantage,
SEAK ist the popcutural reflection of what moves us humans in social interaction. You just have to take time to read the abstract meta details. So for example the SEAK ANTENNAS are there for a Reason, while everyone else used to paint Arrows.

3. What benefits has graffiti brought to your life?

I went into a Supermarket in Los Angeles to buy to by cream, on the day after tattooed my arms by Mr. CARTOON, and the the guy who is responsible to pack the plastic bag for you, ran after me when i left the building cause he was a fan and thought i was SEAK.
Something similar happend to me 4 years earlier in Australia, and that was be for myspace. Besides that i defined me as artist, kept me down to earth socially, brought my canvases and me into Museum shows, and made intercontinental invitation to my normal reality. Ive you wanna now more check out my websites like or

4. What potential do you think graffiti has in the global society?

Well i can see in contempoary mainstream design-culture where the artistic influence of my artist- friends, and me is. Thats part of the game when most of your fans go from graffiti into graphic design. The 1970ies oldschool legend VULCAN from nyc said recently to me that i messed up the new school, and guided them indirectly into the wrong direction. Ill take that as compliment.
So guess i messed society up and with the help of my style childs trying to point it out, while the OSGEMEOS make society dream, DAIM is trying to heal it and BANKSY is making jokes about it

5. What do you think of the movement of Mexican graffiti?

My Homie NECK.CNS and me philosphied over the past often about the fact who many people from Mexico visiting our websites. So Iam fully aware about the potential. When i came here i was stoked by the wide variation of different levels. It totally reflects the social pyramide or better say obelisk, have. Top people with international Level, and going all the classes down till the hardcore mass tagging scene. Socially Mexcian people have very few things in common than in for exampe the united states, here the hearts are very open. I was invited overhere for 1week and i stood 4 weeks. That kinda show how i feel towards mexico.

6. What is your opinion of the festival ALIADOS?

Big hearts, and great spirit pumping under odd conditions making things happening, and bringing mexcian graffiti on the international map. First Graffiti event with global relevent Line up so far as i know, and aristicly with the locals on eye to eye level. At the right time. It want be unheard.

7. What is your opinion of the work of the TEKPATL crew (mibe, peque, humo)?

Love there Characters, and the Original approach how the reflect there Culture under such difficult conditions.
At first i thought when it comes to the whole cholo Graffiti thing ist all about ABEL and CHAZ, but TEKPATL seems to be missing third.

8. What advice do you have for Mexican graffiti artists?

Dig in your own culture, and ive that place is already claimed by other writers, then digg in your personalty and be brave and honest enuff to paint it, learn and teach about your history and the most important thing: you can demand respect ive you give respect.