Graphotism: 10 Years CNSKILLZ crew Special Feature

10 Years Cnskillz Crew x Graphotism Magazine

10 years Cnskillz Crew Special @ Graphotism Magazine

Graphotism Magazine, the UK No.1 Publication in Graffiti and StreetArt, printed in its last Issue of 2005 a 20 Pages Special Feature about the Year Anniversary of Cnskillz Crew. My first Major Club of Honour/ Graffiti Crew. Here is what i had to say about being in a Graffiti Crew.


in the begining ive started on my own alone, with that „there`s a new kid in town“ vibe. Then as the years went by i always had differnent graffiti „friendships“, often labeled with a „crew tag“, some without having a crew or posse name in common.

Ive joined cnskillz together with ateone shortly after been founded by meric, moritz, efas, and neck. Till today i feel emotionally extra connected to „cnskillz“, than to other crews iam in.
For me being in a crew is an extra gift, or a bonus, and although an true honour. But Its not everything in world. Especially when you get older and the focus in your life changes aswell as your artwork gets more and more individual and different. the feeling you have to a certain person is much more build on friendship, which is although founded again on expierence, youve went thru together. On some hand the whole crew mentality can become a political problem. Lets say Cause of being in this or in that crew, youve have to involve a certain person in a wall even when the ideal ensemble is already ideal.
So a crew is alhough a responsibilty, „good times“ vs „bad times“. But what ive there are no bad times. Similar to when i was in the army, in the 3 month of basic bootcamp training the comradship was super tight, tighten thru common negativ expierences from out side. Later during the months of relaxed regular service the „us“ feeling was kinda mild.
Being an artist with my way, and approach, ist great to have friends, its even better when you even connected to them thru a crew.

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Source: Graphotism Magazine/UK/ 2005 (c) Claus Winkler