Birthday Deluxe für House DJ Timo Maas

Seak x Timo Maas @ casa maas

quasi von lebender Legende zu lebender Legende.
zu Gast beim König des International DJ Jetset.
Ich war quasi indirekt das Geburtstagsgeschenk für Timo von einem Guten Freund, und habe gleiche neue Freunde kennen gelernt. Auetal, 2007 represent. Timo rock on!!!

It feels good to be a Birthday Present, this Time for the infamous Timo Maas and his Family on his Estate near Hannover/Auetal.
Timo is topranking the International Dj Jetset with House collegs like Sven Väth, Carl Cox, and Paul van Dyk since ever.
While i was Gun slinging the spraycans, and doing my lines, Skin from Skunk Anansie was keeping it real and kicking some live Vocals. great Party, great People.

10 HGK Unterwerk Häuser im KVB Streckennetz gestaltet

freie Auftragsarbeit im Kölner Süden

freie Auftragsarbeit für die Verkehrsbetriebe in Köln lang seakship: in greyinspiration for the second levis edition im Süden Köln`sSEAK@HGK.18Linie: vom Dorf vom Land

Auftragsarbeit in Bruehl/ Nahverkehrsbetriebe the new evil empire/unfinishedthe future is green!!!yummy yummy dripsSEAK: Streckennetz mi barrio holmes


Der Vorstandsvorsitzende (Ceo) der Häfengüter und Güterverkehr (HGK) (eine Schwestergesellschaft der KVB) stellte mir Anfang 2004 ein Budget zu Verfügung um im Erfkreis 12 Unterwerkhäuser zu gestalten.
Bis auf das Kunstwerk an der Haltestelle Wesseling Süd (Linie 16) befinden sich alle Bilder an der Linie 18 zwischen Bonn und Köln.

Die Empfehlung hier zu kam über den Ehemaligen Geschäftsführer der Stadtbahngesellschaft Rheinsieg, und Berater der KVB, für den ich 1998 eine 300qm grosse Kellerfassade in den Park und Ride Paletten der KVb Haltestelle “Rheinenergie Stadion” gesprüht habe.


SEAK Interview in Italys INDOLE UrbanArt Magazine

SEAK Interview and 12Page feature @ Indole Magazine

Indole Magazine, one of Italys leading Urban Art Publications did a 12 Page feature about SEAK,

aswell as a Interview (English/Italian) about the recent years, and his Style Influence in the Community.

Feel free to check out the Full English Translation here:

Source: Indole/Different Signs Magazine No.2 from Italy

Indole: Your style is so unique and not like much of the graffiti you see or
what people associate with graffiti. What influences your style of artwork?

SEAK: I made my incapilities to my advantages, for example not doing straight crisp lines to get an honest soft roundish stroke in my way of painting.
Basically accepted my personality and my popcultural background as part of my identity, and were honest enough to show it. And mix that with the skills i was really good in. Like doing fadings, playing with light and colours,
I was searching in my own personality for my content. The toys i played with as a kid, all the years playing computer, a bit of biting other rolemodel writers in inthe beginning, and later conciuosly refelecting the zeitgeist/ contempoary vibe of the society i and we were living in.

Indole: When you were young did you see yourself as being an artist when you
got older or did you have other aspirations?

SEAK: I guess i valued my creative output with the same importance like for example an maurizio cattelan does too. I just had different names for it. Instead of using the word „visual language“ i would have used the word „style“, to give you a very easy example.

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